Winter season just happened to be filled with motorcycle related things to do the last two weekends. This weekend offered ice racing in my hometown Norrköping. One week earlier the yearly motorcycle show took place, this year in Gothenburg.

The motorcycle show is the place to meet old friends in the winter. Not all, but a lot of mates from the Swedish Ducati Club and Moto Guzzi Club Sweden show up there. What I usually do is a first walk around the premises to get an overview. After the first round it is time to rest at the Ducati Club stall where you can usually get something to drink, which this year meant coffee (italian style of course), grappa or some red wine. Then it is time for the second round when I stop at some stalls, considering which brochures might be interesting. As one round takes some time, you might even feel a bit hungry by now. No worries, one of the motorcycle magazines, MCM provide the visitors with a bar that can offer a bite and a pint. Then, at the third round, I start picking up brochures and leaflets that I want to bring back home. Good backpack required.

Being a photographer by profession, I sometimes have difficulties getting myself to use a camera when I´m off duty. Lucky then that my girlfriend likes to document things with her camera. If you use this link you can see what the motorcycle fair looked like. There are some photos of the club stalls, and some pics of bikes that happened to end up in front of her camera.

As my both me and my girlfriend both are leaning more toward older bikes than the brand new models, a lot of stalls at the fair are just halfway interesting. However, the new Ducati Panigale looked nice. With a price tag of close to 250.000 SEK (swedish crowns) two club mates had the discussion whether it was best to low side on the left or right side.

Ice racing

This weekend the outside temperature has occasionally gone as far down as -15 C. That it quite cold for a town by the coast as Norrköping. It is probably a bit like having -20, or -25 in the northern parts of Sweden. That didn´t stop motorcycling of course. What we experienced in Norrköping, for the first time in several years as far as I know, was a match of ice racing. The teams were from Sweden, Norway and Finland. This time the local speedway track was prepared with ice instead of the usual gravel. It is incredible to see what you can do on a bike if you have spikes in the tyres.

The bikes have some similarities to speedway bikes because they are both very basic no extra frills bikes. On the other hand driving on ice of course make a special design needed. Apart from the big fenders I also noticed quite a bit of rake at the steering head.

Even if recent regulations have made restrictive mufflers a must for almost all racing bikes in Sweden, the sound from an ice racing bike is still a special kind of old fashioned single cylinder sound. The mike on my mobile phone can´t reproduce that sound in a very good way, but you might get a hunch of what it is like if you check the short clip below.