Even though this winter hasn´t been as winterish as the last two, the weather doesn´t encourage riding. Yes, the lawns are green most days, but every other day the temperature is below zero and the roads get incredibly slippery. Hence, the hibernation in the garage.

The ST2 has got service at an authorised dealer. The only thing to deal with, apart from the normal service, was a seal on the shaft where the small sprocket for the chain is situated. I might have had the chain a bit on the tight side. The recommended free play on this bike is far more than I´ve had on other bikes. Now the bike is actually ready for the next season, apart from the need for mounting a new rear tyre. If next season will involve a longer trip, the chain and sprockets will be changed as well.

Having the bike ready for the road this early, is really an exception. I am indeed one of those bikers that tend to do the service too late, meaning a few weeks, or even a month less riding.

There are however other two wheeled friends who need attention. The little 250 Kawasaki has been sitting waiting for some maintenance. After visiting a ditch by the side of the road, the poor bike needs to get the rear fender a bit straighter. It has already got clip ons mounted, but I have to figure out how to get them to stay in the correct position. I have tightened the screws that hold them, but the actual handle bar parts has a tendency to look like the ears of a cocker spaniel when some pressure is applied. I´ve thought about putting washers in between the parts, you know the ones that are uneven. Any thoughts on that? Well, any advice will be appreciated.

The Kawasaki is a one cylinder 250 Estrella from 1996, in fact the only year they where imported to Sweden. They are built to look like something british from the sixties. My one was originally sold in Germany, meaning I have the 17 hp version. On the japanese market owners can benefit from a whopping 21 hp. Making this small machine a bit café racer like, is mainly for fun.

Yesterday I mounted the brand new rear set foot pegs. As the bike is a rare gem in Sweden, buying parts is a bit of a hassle. If you then want custom parts like rear sets, you really need a bit of determination. Thanks to internet I found this japanese company that makes rear sets. They did indeed have some sort of english language version of their web site. They did also have a form to fill in if you were interested in buying parts from them. I filled in the form and ……… nothing happened. Tried again, and again ……. nothing happened. Luckily I have this old working mate, who happened to spend some years working in Japan. With his japanese skills an e-mail-adress was found and communication was established. Being a swede, my english skills are far from what a person born in an english speaking country can offer. However, I have a rather strong feeling that some sort of electronic translation device was involved in the communication with the japanese motorcycle parts company. The english was indeed fully understandable, it was just a bit creative.

The little Kaw will also need new tyres, get the new head lamp properly mounted, indicators mounted, and the supporting bars for the rear fender straightened. If I´m lucky and persistent when it comes to garage visits, the little caff´racer just might be out on the road this summer.