Today we had some garage time. Together, the girlfriend and I bleeded the brake system on her V50 Guzzi. It took some time and I believe the reason for that is the interesting brake system of a Moto Guzzi. The brake pedal activates the rear brake but also the left front disc brake. Nowadays there are quite a few bikes that have some sort of brake combination like that, but back in the old days I think Guzzis were more or less on their own. With all the brake lines going back and front it took some time to do the job, but finally the V50 got working brakes again.

My bike, the ST2 got newly bought handle bar risers mounted. They don´t raise the bars that much, but I hope it is just what I need to get my head out of turbulence from the fairing. Earlier this year I test rode a Suzuki 650 V-strom. One reason for not buying it was that with my body I ended up with the helmet flipping crazily around in turbulence. Imagine sitting like that for a full days ride. The ST2 did not have the same tendencies to make my head move like something in a pin ball game. A tiny bit of adjustment might come in handy though, just to make the bike super comfy on longer rides.

The risers I bought from Fast by Ferracci. The poor guy packing and sending the stuff had two boxes on his work bench, one for me and one for a customer in Napoli, Italy. You already understand what happened, huh? Yep, I got the package for Napoli and the poor napolitano got my bar risers. After some e-mailing back and forth I finally got the risers, and now they are mounted on the bike. Test riding will have to wait some weeks. It might be on a trip to Åland with some of my friends in the swedish Ducati club. Until then I just have to imagine how comfy the ride will be.