So, it apparently takes a cold to get time to sit down and do something about this blog. The subject of a first entry is a delicate thing. A cold can of course be something to write about. After all I am a man. Man plus cold means halfway dead and should be able to fill at least three pages. Or maybe not.

I am living in Sweden and as you can see from the head of the page I am a motorcyclist. Many entries here will be about motorcycling as it is one of my main interests. I ride Ducatis even if a small Kawasaki Estrella also has made it´s way to the garage. A garage that is shared with my loved one, who is by the way a passionate owner of two Moto Guzzis.

The Ducati thing started after a range of different jap bikes. I started on a Honda 250 Superdream, continued with the 400 version of the same bike. Upgraded to a four cylinder XJ 600 from Yamaha. Then found out that I was riding far to fast for my own health, and therefore went down to a single cylinder Yamaha SR 400. After that there was this feeling of motorcycling not being the most important hobby anymore. I didn´t have a bike for some years, but as I think most bikers know, a time came when I simply had to have a bike again. I ended up with a Honda CM400 custom bike.

After the custom bike, or maybe during the ownership of that bike, something happened. I felt an urge for something more special. I looked at everything from Bimotas to Harleys. I was incredibly close to buy a Harley Sportster, but decided against it, ´cause one of the reasons I was not content with the custom bike was the upright seating position.

One day in the year of 2000 I took the train to a Ducati dealer not far from Gothenburg in Sweden. I had finally decided to buy a Ducati 750 Paso registered as 1990 years model. At that time I lived far away from the dealer in question, which means I did not test ride the bike before the purchase. When driving it home I realized what all those people meant who had been going on about the fantastic bikes from Ducati. While my previous japanese 600 inline four had been fairly good at everything, it did not speak to me. The Paso did. Two cylinders instead of four makes a difference. A bit of italian thinking while constructing the Paso is also something you can feel.

The price of the bike became a tiny bit higher than expected though. Due to troubles with the carbs, the engine started to work properly only above 5000 rpm. In top gear that means just above 120 km/h. The maximum speed on swedish highways is 110. The heavy downpour didn´t help in watching out for the boys in blue. Neither did the position of the rear view mirrors on a Paso. I get an excellent view of my kneecaps, but not much more.

Anyway, since then I have been the proud owner of that Ducati, which is now pictured in the head of this blog. After some time the Paso got a friend in the garage, a 600 Pantah from 1983. This year a real youngster made the two other bikes company, a 2003 ST2.

This blog will tell stories about these three bikes, but I am also interested in travelling, books, photo and social media. If these subjects are also Your interests, maybe You will find my blog worth reading.

best regards

Mikko aka Swedephotog